Teen Film/TV Acting Workshop

The Teen Film/TV Acting Workshop from Theater On The Go!

 is designed to give young actors experience in front of a camera.

     Students learn to work with a scene, memorize it, then perform

 in front of the camera at a mock audition. During one-on-one coaching from the

teaching artist each week, the actors are introduced to the techniques

they can use on camera to best tell the story.

Each day includes a video of the young actors work so

they and the teacher can monitor their progress.


Participants learn to understand what he or she is doing well to gain the confidence needed to audition for performing arts schools, or professional work in commercials, tv shows and movies.


Three Day Workshop   

Day One

The instructor assigns a specific, age-appropriate scene. During one-on-one coaching, in front of the class, the teacher and student go over the scene and break down the story and structure. The student does the scene in front of the camera with a reader (another student in the class). The teacher gives notes and adjustments to work on for next week.


Day Two

The instructor works one on one with each student on his or her fully memorized scene, in front of the class.  The student does the scene in on camera with a reader (again, another student in the class). The instructor gives advice to help the actor improve. The scene is filmed again.


Day Three

Mock audition day! Each student brings his or her scene back, this time dressed appropriately and ‘camera ready’ for the audition. This time, other students simulate being the casting director, director, writer, and the reader. The student does their ‘audition’ and then becomes a casting director, director, writer, or reader for another student. At the end of the day, we watch all the students ‘auditions’ and see how they have grown!

Saturday October 15th, 22nd, and 29th



Cost: $150 per student. (Includes a video emailed to each student EVERY WEEK.)


Follow this form to request a spot in the class:

About the instructor:

Kasey Lee Huizinga is a working NYC actor, director, and screenwriter. She loves working with teens to help get them on the right track in acting and film production. Northwestern University BA in Theater. Graduate from the Maggie Flanigan Studio, studying Meisner Technique. Acting Apprentice at the Barrow Group.

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